Good Results at North Island champs

Nathaniel sailed the 3D Printed IOM D6 sail number 83 into 8th Place a I sailed the Glass D7 Sail number 84 into 9th Place . This was a top class fleet made up mostly of the V11 design. We had several top end placings with Nathaniel winning Heat 11 . Conditions were light to …


I sailed IOM D7 84 in the Auckland champs

Too many collisions so not very good results at the end of the day First day was very light with wind from all directions Second day it got up to B rig conditions and good sailing. I spent a lot of time changing rigs and it may have been better to stay with one and …

For sale

D6 Kitset is on Trade Me now

You may get a better price through Trade Me with keel Trade Me without keel D6 Kitset 7 IOM Radio Yacht 3D Printed IOM D6 completed kit set Parts are carefully packed


New D7

The D7 is a modification of the D4. This has been developed because of a lot of interest in with the D4 bow shape. We found the D6 to be a faster boat so we have incorporated these features into the D7