New D4 IOM  radio controlled boats are built by N D Yachts for faster IOM radio sailing

This is the revolutionary International One Metre wave piercing radio yacht that is designed and built by Neil Deverell This website is all about the IOM radio controlled D4 and how to buy and get the best performance out of the boat

International radio sailing

  • Results
  • 16th South Island Champs
  • 3rd 2019 North harbour champs
  • 4th 2018 Bayswater Champs
  • 14th 16th 2018 NZ Nationals
  • 11th 2018 Northland Champs
  • 4th 2018 North Island Champs
  • 10th 12th 2018 Waikato Champs
  • 3rd 7th 8th 2018 Kerikeri Club Championship

Order a D4 IOM  radio controlled yacht now by placing yourself on the waiting list with no deposit required 

D4 IOM  radio controlled yachts have exceptional tracking ability in winds over 10 knots where it just sails itself on the wind. Using the rudder  can slow the boat . The D4 tacks very well and does not loose speed after the tack as some of the other IOM boats do . In the drifting conditions the boat is fast. Downwind it is very good in all conditions and has exceptional ability to catch and surf waves .

D4 iom yacht in France 77

D4 IOM  radio controlled yachts love the chop. Up wind or downwind the wave piercing bow slices through the wave without slowing the boat. This also helps when the boat starts to dive downwind as there is less pressure  on the sails pushing the bow down compared to some boats that trip over the bow that slows it. The boat still wipes out if there is too much wind for the particular rig it has on however no sooner than any of the other proven designs

When the wind picks up to around 25 knots with the B rig on the boat has a exceptional turn of speed almost planing on the wind . The fuller forward sections of the boat helps to lift the bow and the fin with more area up high has less lateral force down low so the boat does not get knocked down in the puffs

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